Re-Think Energy? Re-think a world where sunshine and light are made into electricity? Solar energy is real and affordable. In fact it is a very accessible option for anyone.

    Why not let Solar One LLC, a full service solar installer, change the way energy is used. We can install solar systems in homes, businesses, and on farms. We have even done a few account where solar was installed on government buildings. Solar One is an expanding company located in Wisconsin. We currently have a strong presence in nine states, thus far. From start to finish Solar One is with you every step of the way. We begin with a site visit and help all the way until you are connected.

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Solar One is here to lead you. We begin with a home visit to view your needs.

The only thing we love as much as solar energy is wowing our customers.


Whether you are a small private business or a major corporation, we have the cost saving solution you demand. Take a look at just some of the example projects we have worked on. It’s time to save on your energy costs.