Let Solar One Transform Your Business, Agricultural, or Governmental Building

    If you are a business owner or manager who is driven toward success, a governmental official or if you own a fully operating farm or ranch, you will want to explore the potential of solar power. Solar power helps reduce and eventually eliminate carbon emissions, by providing individuals and business owners with a renewable, abundant source of energy – energy that comes directly from the sun.

    A simple call to Solar One will start the transformation process that will turn your business, governmental or agricultural offices, from dirty to green. A technician from Solar One will come to your work site to assess the sustainability of your building and the surrounding environment. The technician will decide where to best mount the solar panels and the other pieces of equipment that are part of the package. Start saving on energy costs.

Run your business more efficiently

    Whether you are a small private business or a major corporation, we have the cost saving solution you demand. Take a look at just some of the example projects we have worked on. It’s time to save on your energy costs.

Solar One Sets up the Utility Meter for Monitoring

    As part of every installation, Solar One sets up a utility meter. This meter measures how much solar power is produced during the day. Sometimes the panels will generate more power than you need. When this happens the meter will automatically send that power to the utility grid, reducing the amount of energy your office will need to use after day light.

Installation Begins with the Panel Arrays and Inverter

Installation Begins with the Panel Arrays and Inverter

    When all the parts have been delivered to your work site, Solar One will be there to begin the installation process. Solar One installs only the best products, such as Solar World Panels.

Solar One Connects Your Company to the Utility Grid

    As part of the installation, Solar One will connect your office building to the local utility grid. During the day, your office building will get its energy from the sun. When those days are particularly warm and sunny, your arrays may produce an excess of solar energy. On those days, the extra solar power will be fed back to the grid. This is power that your business can use at night or on cold cloudy days..

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