From start to finish, we are ready to complete each and every step along the way.

Solar One wants to make this process as easy on you as possible.

From a Single Cell

    It starts with one solar cell. Each solar cell takes in sunlight during the daytime and when combined with other solar cells, uses this energy to produce electricity through a process called the photovoltaic effect.

From a Cell to a Module

    When solar, or photovoltaic cells (PV) are connected, they form a solar module. Modules are covered by weather-protecting-glass, and fire-resistant aluminum. A solar module takes the electrical power of individual PV cells and magnifies it.

From Module to Panel to Array

    Individual solar modules that are wired together form a solar panel. Typically, a solar panel is made up of 40 solar cells. Connected solar panels form a solar array. An array includes all the solar cells, modules and panels. Whether mounted on your roof or on the ground, solar arrays will take the light from the sun and convert this energy into direct current (DC) electricity.

The Importance of the Inverter

    Key to making your home or office solar-ready is the installation of the inverter. The inverter is the component that converts the DC power from the solar arrays into the plugs in your home or business so that most of your electrical appliances can be powered using alternating current (AC) frequency. The inverter is part of the entire photovoltaic system that Solar One will provide to its customers.