Change your residence and way of life

    Solar One is here to lead you. We begin with a home visit to view your needs. Solar One systems include all permits and inspections. Our technicians will do their best to mount your system without taking away from the beauty of your home. A Solar One tech will find what direction and location is best to maximize the light. Ideally for homes in the northern hemisphere, the roof or ground panels should face in the direction of due south, with little or no shade. Your Solar One technician will measure and evaluate your roof’s: size/condition/age. If installation cannot be done on your roof, we will suggest the arrays be ground mounted. A technician will determine the ground area as a possible site for solar panels by closely looking at the: the ground area size surrounding your house and the condition of the ground.

    Once we figure out if your panels will be mounted on the roof or ground, a Solar One tech will be determine an estimate for the cost of your project. Solar One will do their best to work within your budget. If needed we will even come up with the payment arrangement that best suits your financial situation and expectations. Once an agreement is reached, Solar One will order all the supplied needed to get the job done!

Installation begins with panel arrays and inverter

    After all the components have been delivered, Solar One will begin the installation. Solar One installs some of the industry’s best products. Many solar panels will be installed, usually in less than a weeks time, depending on whether it will be roof panels or ground panels, ground mounts do take a bit longer. Once everything is in place, the inverter will be installed. The inverter takes the DC power harvested from sunlight and converts it into AC power. Although there are many different types of inverters, we prefer to use Fronius Primo Inverters. The inverter is usually installed in a circuitry box on a basement or garage wall. The AC power from the inverter is then sent to an electrical panel. This is also called a breaker box.

    Many solar panels will be installed, usually in under a week’s time. Once the panels are in place, Solar One will install the inverter. The AC power from the inverter is then sent to an electrical panel.

We are America's #1 Solar Provider

    Solar One LLC is a solar energy systems installer dedicated to implementing solar technologies for commercial, industrial, & residential entities seeking the benefits of renewable energy. Solar One will educate you on how to reduce or do away with your current utility costs. We are a family run business that is fully certified and has a combination of 20 years experience installing.

Customer Satisfaction is our Priority

    The only thing we love as much as solar energy is wowing our customers. Don’t take our word for it. Here’s what some of our customers have to say.